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Echoes of Narcis

Narcis is the reflection of who I am, but also the echo of who I hear and who I like.
To the glass, I dictate the light that I want to see enter my house.
In the light, I formulate my wishes.
To whoever sees me, I show myself in my best light.


Glass decorator

The glass decorator is applied to modify the surface of the glass. He masters ancestral techniques as diverse as the application of gold leaf, silvering, engraving or sandblasting, thermoforming, lead mounting and eglomization. So many techniques to play with the properties of this noble and luminous material, as inconstant as a burst of sunshine.

Exceed the constraints of the material

All knowledge is now available to everyone. Nothing is impossible for those who want to achieve it. What makes the difference is the motivation and meaning we give to our projects. Each client is a partner with whom I design a new object. Each request moves me forward and forces me to develop my skills to offer an extraordinary piece. It's a game that I really like.

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